Christmas is our favorite time of the year!

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Christmas at Slots Capital

Christmas is our favorite time of the year. Here at Slots Capital, we love to share our seasonal inspiration with all of our members. How are we going to do that, you might ask? Well, with Christmas Promotions, exciting games, and high prizes we are spreading the Christmas spirit. Our players will love the real money bonuses, that all of our Christmas themed slots have ready! So let's hop on the sled and slide towards Christmas at Slots Capital.

When Did It All Start?

While Christmas certainly has a religious origin, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, nowadays it is considered to be also a cultural celebration among millions of people around the world. Christmas trees, lights, as well as Christmas gifts, and Christmas carols are some of the most iconic symbols during this holiday season. Also, with the rise of the internet and the growing number of internet adult gamers, Christmas games have become an essential part of this celebration all around the world!

Although it’s been accepted that the month and date of the birth of Jesus are unknown, the date has been set on December 25th since the fourth century - corresponding to the date of the solstice on the Roman calendar.

Celebrating Christmas Around the World

The seasonal inspiration of Christmas spreads to almost every country each year. Countries all around the world love to share the seasonal inspiration, and its traditions spread to countries like Japan, where people like to adopt many of the secular aspects of Christmas, like playing Christmas games, gift-giving, and decorating their homes with Christmas trees and lights.

While the tradition varies depending on the location, one thing is for sure; the Slots Capital Christmas tradition isn't changing. At Slots Capital we like to celebrate the Christmas season with jolly Christmas Promotions everybody can enjoy. That being said, many countries whose populations are non-Christian also like to join the celebration by taking part in our Christmas Slot Story while they win real money with the jolly bonuses, enjoying the spirit of Christmas, which we are spreading!

Christmas Gone Pop!

Christmas is not only celebrated with family members but also with friends. Since this is a popular holiday, the worldwide popularity of Christmas has also extended to pop culture and entertainment. Let's be honest, who isn't listening to a Christmas song, performed by our most favored singer? Not only there can we listen to a Christmas carol but also TV shows and Hollywood films have portrayed the celebrations of Christmas in a variety of forms, giving it a special tone with seasoned songs.

Christmas is no exception to the rule with films like 'Last Christmas' (2019) - starring Emilia Clarke and Emma Thompson-, and the old-time classic movie 'Home Alone' (1990) with Macaulay Culkin. As all the good things are coming in threes, another fantastic Christmas movie you may want to watch with your family and friends is 'Polar Express' (2014) with Tom Hanks. Also, at Slots Capital we join the fun with Christmas themed slots, penguin games, and many promotions and bonuses that spread the seasonal vibes to every home!

Christmas Slot Story

As our name states, Slots Capital is all about the slots! And this year we are working hard to bring the best Christmas gaming experience to our loyal and new members. Our Christmas themed slots feature real money bonuses, delivering joy and festive winning chances for all!

Christmas slot titles like ‘Jack Frost’ and ‘Misfit Toyland’ are being added to our list of games you must play during the holiday season. These Christmas slots stories will get our members on a seasonal flair to win real money bonuses all month long! Be sure to keep an eye on Slots Lotty’s blog within our site, where new games and promotions are being constantly announced this holiday season!

Top 5 Christmas themed Slots

What is better than enjoying the time while you wait for Santa to come to town? Right, spinning the reels and to win, while you wait for Santa Claus!

To make the best out of the time before the Christmas bustle, lay back and enjoy the Slots Capital Christmas themed slots. We have a winter wonderful variety of fantastic Christmas themed slot games.

Mystic Wolf

Players will feel over the Moon with this slot’s big prizes and exciting features. This legendary slot is also one of the most played slot games during the festive holidays. Shiny diamonds may be triggered while the wolf is howling at the full moon. The snowy landscape is giving you mystical winter wonderland vibes, just perfectly fitting as a walk in the snow at Christmas.

Winter Wonders

Gifts, Christmas tree ornaments, and a big win? You can have it all! Play Winter Wonders today. Meet Santa and he'll be bringing you fantastic surprises. Get into a seasonal atmosphere as you explore this lovely Christmas slot game at Slots Capital.

Misfit Toyland

This Christmas slot story is the hottest game of Christmas! Santa Claus is coming to town and is ready to gift real money bonuses with this new Christmas game. In this fun and colorful game, players discover the ‘Misfit Toyland’, where toys are eager to help them win prizes with each spin!

Jack Frost

If you like Christmas slots, this one will make you get in jolly spirits. In this seasonal game, players witness the fight of Jack Frost against his brother Harold Heat to rule Christmas and to control the weather! This 5-reel and 25-payline slot is a wonderful Christmas Slot story that keeps the holiday spirit alive for all players, even after the celebration.

Ice Picks

This slot is a seasonal inspiration for all players, as they try to find what treasures lie beneath the icy surface! Ice picks and other useful items allow players to dig prizes with each spin in this 5-reel, 20-line slot!

Celebrate Christmas Like No Other!

It is absolutely ok if you want to celebrate Christmas alongside others or by yourself. If you want to put up Christmas decorations or not, if you want to play Christmas games or bake delicious Christmas cookies.

What matters to us is that you are relaxed and happy. Look back to this year and cherish all the great moments you spent and all the achievements you've accomplished. At Slots Capital we want to celebrate with you, and we are working hard behind the scenes to bring you the best online gaming entertainment through the holidays.

Slots Capital Bonus Promotions

Not miss any offer to get more for your money, make sure you spare a visit to the promotion section. Find stunning match bonuses, which will top up your next deposit. The Christmas spirits may be on your side. Join us on Slots Capital and find one or another (free) bonus to play the Christmas themed slots for your festive entertainment. Christmas themed slots and jolly bonuses are waiting for you!

Christmas Gifts from Santa

Last but not least, Santa left lovely gifts for our players at Slots Capital.

Christmas will be epic at Slots Capital. Besides the large list of top Christmas slots, our Christmas promotions are also as exciting and welcoming you to spin the reels. Be ready to unwrap the various Slots Capital Christmas gifts by redeeming the bonus code of your desire. Hot tip from Lotty; you may start with the small gift of 100 Spins at Misfit Toyland, by redeeming the code XMAS21SPINS100 on your next deposit of a minimum of $25.

Later on, you may want to enjoy the Christmas bonus that will give you an incredible $200 back on top of your deposit of only $50! With topping up your $50 deposit you will be able to cash out all you've won. Isn't that a fantastic Gift?

Slots Capital Lotty in a red Christmas Dress holding a Christmas ornament wishing you a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Lotty and the Slots Capital Team.

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