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Celebrate August, the month of Inventors at Slots Capital with a huge bonus!

Inventor Bonus

How to Celebrate Inventor’s Month

Time to have fun at Slots Capital! There are a couple of great ways to celebrate Inventor’s Month. How do we like to do it at Slots Capital? Surely with a big bonus! But there are other ways surely. One is to think about what your own favorite inventions are, and how much you appreciate the person who came up with them. Maybe you have bad eyesight and could not live your life the way you do without your trusty contact lenses? Maybe you work long hours and your microwave is your superhero? Or maybe you’re a housewife/husband who would go crazy without that dishwasher? Whatever your personal favorite invention is, take some time to find out a little about who was behind it. If his or her invention makes your life so much better the least you could do is show the inventor some respect by finding out a bit about its history. Another way to go about celebrating this month would be to look into patenting an invention of your own. It is estimated that the average person has one or two ideas every month that could make them rich if they just had the courage to make their dreams reality! So what are you waiting for?

Check out our special August bonus!


Available: 01-31.08


Min. deposit $35

No max cash out

45 times rollover

Terms and conditions apply. 

Have fun and enjoy!

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